Common Names:

Order Pads, Waiter Pads, Waitress Pads, Restaurant Order Pads, Check Pads

Style Basics:

Order Pads are available in a wide range of sizes, formats, design / layout and number of parts; however, all order pads have several common components and variable features.

1. Size:

Key Benefit: Ensuring the Order Pad is the correct size for the needs of your business is key, it needs to fit easily in to your staff pockets, aprons, and or staff uniform so that the Order Pad is always accessible to the person taking the order.

2. Sequential Numbering:

Key Benefit: Numbered orders or checks helps the person taking the order and allows the manager(s) Kitchen and Bar staff to organise and prioritise customer orders in an efficient manner.

3. Order Data Boxes and Lines

Key Benefit: To ensure that front line staff record important table data in a clear and consistent way for operational needs and recording on any POS system.

4. Menu Prompt

Key Benefit: Order Pads can be printed with Menu prompts to aid and encourage front line staff to up-sell all or specific parts of the drinks and menu. Their may even be a section for the Specials of the day.

5. Multiple Copy Order Sets

Key Benefit: Allows for customer orders to be split easily and the order sent to different operational / work areas and stations such as kitchen, grill area and or bar etc.

6. Perforated Receipt

Key Benefit: Perforations at the top of the Order Pad allow for tear-off receipts than can be given to customers for their personal record.

7. Customer Name & Address section

Key Benefit: This section provides several benefits including, accurate and timely delivery of goods, effective customer receipt, and effective customer data gathering for future marketing and promotional activities.

8. Tick Boxes

Key Benefit: Wherever possible and dependent upon a number of factors including size and structure of operation and the size of the menu offering etc. being able to have as many standard tick boxes and or boxes simply requiring a quantity to be entered on the Order Pads reduces the amount of potential order taking errors and misreading of individual handwriting.

9. Servers Name, Number or reference

Key Benefit: Having the name, number or reference of the server on the Order Pad set allows you to accurately monitor who is looking after which table or customer order. It also provides efficient deployment of staff and monitors individual performances.

10. Blank Order Pads

Key Benefit: Blank Order Pads are a flexible and highly cost effective product for a wide cross section of businesses whether it be for front line staff to be taking customer orders of all types from Retail to Food and Drink or simply a cost effective and handy note / jotter pad.