Bespoke Order Pads

Cannot find the right Order Pad for your needs? Do not worry, here at Order Pads Direct we can make bespoke Order Pads customised to any design to meet your exact needs.

Restaurant Order Pads, Waiter pads, Waitress Pads, Order Pads, Check Pads can all be customised and printed to meet your specific business requirements. Whether you are looking to use your Order Pad as an effective and professional marketing tool in front of your customers or you simply need the size and layout of the pad to meet your unique operational requirements and menu options we can help design and produce the perfect Order Pad to meet your needs.

Some hospitality businesses have even designed and used the pads to ensure their staff are trained and operate in a consistent way and that critical details are recorded for back of house computer systems etc thereby heightening the level of service their customers receive together with the assurance that all orders are taken and processed accurately.

Other Restaurant and Cafés customers have used the Order Pad to engage customers with loyalty schemes, special promotions or events etc; we can bespoke produce the Order Pad to your precise individual business needs.

Each Order Pad can be produced to a specific size, and format for example do you want the order pad single ply, in duplicate or in triplicate? Do you need the pads to be numbered or unnumbered? What colour paper do you need if each order is a multiple set? These are just a few of the things you will need to consider. Each Order Pad can be printed on the front in colour of your choice or can be matched to your companies’ corporate colour; details that can be printed are of course limitless but standard options include things such as company logo, address, vat number, and telephone number, customer address section etc.

The examples Order Pad diagrams below shows you the basic layout of an Order Pad this can be tailored to your own bespoke design.

 If a bespoke Order Pad is what you believe you need for your business we have detailed below some of the considerations and information we will need to help you produce the Order Pad you require.

•    Quantity – How Many will you need?

•    Size - The size of the Order Pad is measured width x length

•    Perforations - how many perforations and where do you need them positioned?

•    Number of sheets – do you need single ply, duplicate or triplicate?

•    Sets – How many sets of orders on a pad?

•    Numbering - Do you need each order set sequentially numbered? What Numbering instructions do you require (i.e. 1-100 or 1-50 in duplicate, or book and bill, etc)

•    Numbering – Do you require the 1st leaf printed and numbered once. 2nd leaf plain and numbered only?

Printing – What else do you want printed on the Order Pad? Will art-work be supplied? Colour of ink?

•    Colour of paper – what colour (s) paper do you require? If self copying paper, what are the colours of each sheet?

The options are almost endless!

Our friendly and knowledgeable team have unrivalled market knowledge and experience and are here to help and support you right through the design and order process and we can assist you on which colours and artwork designs will work best for the finished product and help you choose the most cost-effective solution for your needs and budget.

Indeed, we will be with you and assist you through every step of the process from conception, to design, artwork production and sign off, right through to production and delivery as well as advising you on minimum order quantities and planning of lead times.

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